Monday, May 24, 2010

A Movie a Day, Day Eight: Babies

The first time I saw the trailer for Babies, I thought it looked like the perfect high-concept doc: Pick four picturesque and far-flung parts of the world and film one baby in each for a year. Who could resist that? I thought. Well, apparently the answer is: me.

Not that I hated the movie. Who could hate all those adorably intense little people? But it started feeling redundant long before it ended—and it's only 80 minutes long. Here's my review of it for TimeOFF.


  1. I just wanted to give your "A Movie a Day" project my moral support, as I'm also attempting something similar - I'm trying to watch 365 films in 2010. :)

    I definitely agree with you that there are way more good films that a regular person can keep up with. That being said, thank goodness for Netflix, as I live in a small town in Kansas where there's only one multilplex that plays only mainstream movies.

    Good luck to you, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

  2. Very cool, Leo! And good luck to you too. I've actually been averaging close to a movie a day for the past few years (I geekishly keep a log of every movie I've seen), but that's usually because I have marathon days where I see three or more, which balance out the days where I don't see a movie. So I feel quite sure that you can find that many movies worth watching -- and I think you can do it wherever you are these days, thanks to Netflix and TV and all the movies you can watch online, which seem to have grown by the thousands every time I turn around.

    But this exercise of seeing one every day and writing about it is interesting to me, partly because it's making me realize that there are more new movies playing here than I would have guess that I love or like, or at least find interesting enough to be worth seeing. Before I started this, I would have guessed that only about half the movies I'd be writing about would be new ones, but now I'm thinking it could be more like 2/3.

    Good luck with your project! I hope you check in later and let me know how it's going.