Thursday, January 6, 2011

The L Magazine's Second Annual Film Poll

This was the second year the regular contributors to The L magazine's film page came up with a list of the year's top films -- and the first year I participated, since I started writing for The L this year. I think it's an interesting list since, as film section editor Mark Asch notes in his intro, his reviewers are a pretty varied group.

Last month The L's senior film writers, myself included, unveiled their year-end Top 10 lists; now, in an attempt to define, beyond our (sometimes profoundly) individual tastes, the sensibility of the L's film section—which, despite the somewhat chance-filled way in which our roster of critics has been assembled, seems now to exist—we present our second annual poll of our regular contributors.

Read the rest of Mark's intro and see the list on The L Magazine

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