Friday, November 7, 2014

Getting On Season 2

Unlike the American version of The Office, which turned the original BBC show's odious main character into a loveable goofball, Getting On closely follows its British progenitor's lead. The series features cringe-inducingly self-deluded, insensitive characters, focusing on their awkward relationships and borderline incompetent care in a farcical depiction of the frustration, stagnation, and unlikely moments of grace at a hospital geriatric ward. But like the American Office, its take on its characters is ultimately forgiving, a kind of bemused acceptance.

The Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit isn't one of the glamorous ERs or bustling acute-care floors we're used to seeing on TV; this is a slow-moving medical backwater, a place for the kinds of ailing elders, many with dementia, who are as shunned by most doctors and nurses as they are by society at large. There are no brilliant diagnoses or heroic-measures saves here; just medical professionals too obsessed with their own problems to much notice, let alone care about, the patients they're supposed to be treating.

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