Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Movies and Performances of 2014

Happy happy, merry merry, and welcome to list time.

First, here's Slant Magazine's 25 Best Films of 2014 list, which was compiled from the lists contributed by about 20 of us regular Slant contributors.

Next, Slant's 20 Best Film Performances of 2014, which I also contributed to.

And here's my personal Top 10 list for 2014, plus 10 runners-up.

1. Ida
2. Norte, the End of History
3. Two Days, One Night
4. Boyhood
5. Starred Up
6. A Summer's Tale (made years ago, but not released in the US until 2014)
7. Big Men
8. The Babadook
9. Papirosen
10. Vic + Flo Saw a Bear
Honorable Mention: CitizenfourDear White PeopleHorses of GodLeviathanListen Up PhilipLockeMr. TurnerNightcrawlerThe Strange Little Cat and We Are the Best!

Added in February 2015
Here are a few other movies that would have made it onto this list if I'd seen them in the time, or if they'd qualified as having been released in the US last year according to Slant's criteria:

Salt of the Earth
The Missing Picture

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  1. Your list is going into my Netflix queue. I'm looking forward to seeing the films I missed in the theater!