Thursday, October 22, 2015


Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) is a bad-boy chef trying to make good. You can tell he's bad because of his six-pack abs, movie-star shades, and leather jacket—and because we're forever being told about all the drugs, drinking, and women he used to do. As for the good part, he's clean and sober as the movie opens, determined to take over the kitchen of a fancy hotel restaurant and win his third Michelin star. (I wonder if he'll succeed?) But first he must round up his staff, recruiting a series of flattered and eager young men and one recalcitrant beauty, Helene (Sienna Miller).

Helene relents and joins him, of course, eventually becoming his partner in life as well as in the kitchen—but not until after the audience has been subjected to a plethora of food-porn montages of golden globs of something or other getting ladled onto entrées and green sauce being drizzled artfully over white plates, some dramatic showdowns with Adam's arch-rival, Reese (a sadly wasted Matthew Rhys), and a tiresome litany of cliché-ridden dialogue straining to be insightful, like when Adam informs us: “I sentenced myself to hard labor shucking oysters and turned in the last part of my penance.” Read the rest in Slant Magazine

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