Saturday, November 7, 2015

What I want to see ... December 2015


A Royal Night Out

Before: Because if this is half as charming as Roman Holiday, it will be worth seeing. And because Bel Powley, who plays Princess Margaret, was wonderful in Diary of a Teenage Girl, and the rest of the cast looks good too. After: Oh well, so much for that. It's mildly entertaining, if you're in the mood for something light and sweet, but Roman Holiday it ain't.

The Dark Horse 

I know, I know, another inspirational movie about chess. But this one has Cliff Curtis, and the look at Maori culture could be interesting.


Again, this is the kind of movie I feel like I've already seen. But not with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who I trust to make it funny and to get the complicated/ridiculous sister dynamics just right.


The trailer looks dubious: Nick Cannon as a gangbanger? And is this going to be one of Spike's tiresomely preachy joints? But Spike Lee is one of those directors whose movies I always see, in the hopes of being blown away, because every so often--not every time, but often enough--I am.

Dreams Rewired 

45 Years 

Beautifully told story about a 45-year marriage building quietly to a crisis.

The Hateful Eight 


Son of Saul

Hard to watch, but well worth it. There are so many Holocaust movies---too many, I often think when I see a mediocre or false-feeling one. But this is one of a handful I've seen that feel entirely free of sentimentality, simplification and Hollywood-style heroics.



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