Sunday, March 6, 2016

Girls recap: Season 5 Episode 3, "Japan"

This season of Girls has been partly about constructing a situation for each of the main characters that could presumably hold steady after the series ends next year, and “Japan” tucks Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) cosily into her totally Shosh-friendly Tokyo apartment, whose brightly colored fa├žade makes it look like one big piece of playground equipment. From the moment she wakes up, to an alarmingly cute alarm clock, it's clear how well suited she is to her new city, from its love of all things young and perky to her doting boss, Yoshi (Hiro Mizushima), a curly haired cutie who sees her as “a shiny star.” When the two of them eye each other shyly in the company cafeteria, Shosh and her Japanese female co-workers holding cones of cotton candy while Yoshi and his boys lick ice cream cones, the stylized middle-school vibe is both touching (because it feels so right for Shoshanna) and sweetly absurd.

Hannah (Lena Dunham), though, seems to be headed in the opposite direction, losing her sense of sexual security with Fran (Jake Lacy) after learning that he jerks off to naked pictures of his gorgeous exes on his phone. This leads to a swift referendum on Hannah by her crew, as she complains to them about Fran's refusal to “just use porn like a normal human male,” and they all promptly reply that she should get over herself, be good to her boyfriend (the first good one she's had, they all agree), and appreciate the fact that, as he claims, he doesn't like porn because it exploits women.

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